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If you're searching for the very best minimally invasive care - including surgical and diagnostic endoscopy - with all the breakthrough technology science can offer, you need look no further than right here in our community at Mount Sinai Queens.

Minimally invasive procedures involve entering the body through the skin or a natural body cavity in the smallest way possible with the least damage possible. These surgeries are done through very small incisions with miniature scopes, very thin lasers or small surgical instruments.  Often the scopes have tiny cameras at the end to guide the surgeon via video.

Patients have less pain, less physical trauma, less side effects, less scarring, and faster recovery time from these groundbreaking techniques. In fact, many of these procedures can be done on a same-day or overnight basis. It's no wonder minimally invasive procedures are becoming more prevalent throughout the surgical and sub-surgical specialties.

To answer our neighbors' pressing need for exceptional minimally invasive care, we have built a premiere program that stays on top of all the latest technique.

Exceptional Professionals

When it comes to considering excellence in minimally invasive techniques, you must begin the discussion with the practitioners. Our core team of board-certified general, gynecological and urological surgeons is joined by other practitioners - orthopedic surgeons, spinal surgeons, oncology surgeons, thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, gastroenterologists and podiatrists, among others - to constantly explore ways to reduce the size and numbers of incisions in the skin.  Together these specialists work in a simulator laboratory to practice new techniques, similar to the way airline pilots simulate flying for practice. Best practices are shared, innovative techniques are tested and proficiency is sharpened. Once tested thoroughly in the laboratory, patients are ready to receive the benefit of this rigorous approach.

The program's high standards, commitment and collegiality allow our community hospital to gain first-class expertise in the most cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures. In addition, our exceptional minimally invasive surgery program is enriched by the world-renown expertise and resources of one of the premiere medical centers in the country, the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.


Over the last several years our surgeons have been able to reduce the size of skin incisions in more than 50% of the surgeries performed. Minimally invasive techniques can also be used to diagnose conditions. Some examples of minimally invasive procedures being offered at our hospital include:


Mount Sinai Queens has been performing this minimally invasive procedure to examine the organs of the abdomen or pelvis since the pioneering days of the early 1970s.  Today, laparoscopies can be used diagnostically with tissue samples being taken or for treatment combined with laser surgery or surgical scissors.  This technique can resolve many issues including the removal of adhesions, repairing a hernia, doing a tubal ligation or removing a diseased organ such as a spleen or gallbladder.


Mount Sinai Queens uses this minimally invasive procedure to examine and or treat the organs of the digestive system.  In fact, we have our own dedicated Endoscopy Suite with a reception and waiting area designed for outpatients as well as inpatients. Endoscopic diagnostics such as colonoscopies can save people's lives. When caught early by a colonoscopy, colon cancer has a 90% cure rate.

Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery uses only natural body cavities and completely avoids any incisions in the abdomen.  The hospital is actively involved in studying and practicing the techniques that will define this next generation of minimally invasive care.




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