Rehabilitation Department

Our goal at the Mount Sinai Queens Rehabilitation Department is to enable patients to achieve full mobility and resume their lifestyle as quickly as possible. The Mount Sinai Queens expert team of doctors, physician assistants (PAs), nurses, social workers, and case managers work collaboratively with our physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists to help patients regain function and independence and to facilitate a discharge plan for returning them safely home with additional therapy, if needed.

Physical therapy services are available seven days a week. Depending on patients’ condition, needs, and initial assessment, they will receive therapy five to seven days a week, once or twice daily. Occupational therapy (OT) and speech-language pathology (SLP) services are available Monday through Friday.

Therapists work on strengthening, improving balance, and range of motion. Patients are trained in ambulation (walking, stair climbing, performing transfers, getting in and out of bed, and activities of daily living (ADLs). Our goal is to ensure a safe and timely hospital discharge. Patients who are safe to be discharged home can continue therapy at their home or can receive therapy at our Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Mount Sinai Queens. Patients who require placement in a sub-acute facility can continue inpatient therapy in that setting.

Joint Replacement Program

Mount Sinai Queens has developed a comprehensive Joint Replacement Program for patients scheduled to undergo knee or hip replacement.


As part of this program, the hospital offers a one-hour class to help patients prepare for this elective procedure, answer their questions, and decrease their anxiety. Taught by a physical therapist and a nurse educator, the class takes patients through the entire process by explaining how the surgery will be performed, what to expect before, during, and after the operation, and other important information. The class also includes instructions and demonstration of the exercise program patients should begin prior to the surgery, how to prepare the surgical site, and how to prevent post-operative infections. The session also includes a brief screening assessment to help your surgeon determine the best post-surgical recovery and discharge plan for you. For patients with language preferences other than English, we have available the Language Assistance Program.

For the convenience of our patients, pre-surgical testing and the joint replacement class can be scheduled on the same day at the same location.


Immediately following surgery, patients begin receiving intensive physical therapy. Rehabilitation begins in the recovery room, where patients see a physical therapist for a one-on-one bedside assessment. Therapy continues twice a day for the remainder of their hospital stay. Patients are also evaluated by an occupational therapist to assess their ADLs and to make recommendations. All patients are given a specific exercise program to do on their own three times a day.

This successful program enables patients to begin a strong rehabilitation regime while still in the hospital and gives them the opportunity to continue their recovery at home with services at our outpatient setting or at a rehabilitation facility, depending on their needs. Our goal is to begin an intensive program that will lead to our patients’ full recovery.

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