Infectious Disease 

Specialists at Mount Sinai Queens treat both common and rare infectious diseases and are trained to deal with conditions that commonly affect our elderly and diverse patient population such as pneumonia and sepsis. We provide exceptional patient care for a range of acute and chronic diseases and are available for inpatient consultations at the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the Emergency Department setting, our infectious disease specialists are able to quickly match patients with the right antibiotics and other medications in time sensitive situations. 

We commonly evaluate patients who have developed early or late post-operative fevers to determine the cause. Our specialists also work with our wound care service to treat patients that develop post-operative infections in the tissues of their incision site. 

Areas of Infectious Disease Care 

Travelers’ Diseases 

Our experts diagnose and treat a range of endemic diseases including typhoid fever, malaria and tuberculosis. These infections are seen more often in our community — when compared with other New York hospitals — because Queens consists of a diverse patient population that travels to remote areas of the world. 

Early detection is the key to treating these diseases. Malaria, for example, can be fatal if anti-malarial medications and antibiotics are not started right away. Our infectious disease specialists are trained to identify these difficult to diagnose conditions based on symptoms, physical examination and the results of blood work, and then administer the proper life-saving treatments. 


We treat hospitalized patients with HIV/AIDS, and can start newly diagnosed patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAAT). For outpatient services and follow-up care, we refer patients to the state-of-the-art Jack Martin Fund Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. 

Generalized Infections 

Our infectious disease specialists are adept at treating the elderly population in our community and work closely with nursing homes to ensure that patients receive the best possible follow-up care. We care for many geriatric patients who are bedbound and have coexisting medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. In partnership with emergency medicine physicians, we also commonly treat infections like pneumonia, sepsis and urinary tract infection, which are prevalent in elderly patients. 

Collaborative Care 

Infectious disease clinicians work closely with primary care physicians and other specialties to provide comprehensive care for every patient. For example, they partner with the critical care team to help develop treatment plans for our most sick patients in the intensive care unit, assist cardiologists when patients develop infections after a pacemaker is inserted and advise podiatrists on treating diabetic foot infections. When needed, they also provide influenza and pneumonia vaccinations for patients prior to discharge.

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