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Mount Sinai Heart in Queens is made up of an award-winning group of cardiologists and cardiac interventionalists who are experts in treating patients with acute, chronic and rare heart conditions. As leaders and innovators in the field of cardiology, our clinicians have pioneered new techniques and therapies that have dramatically improved the quality of life for patients living with valvular heart disease, coronary disease, arrhythmias and vascular disease.

Patients treated at Mount Sinai Queens benefit from our being part of Mount Sinai Heart in Manhattan — a world-renowned program that ranks 8th in the nation for cardiac services in the 2016-2017 "Best Hospitals" issue of U.S. News & World Report. Most of our cardiologists have dual appointments in Queens and Manhattan and split their time between the two campuses. As a result, our patients are cared for by many of the same cardiologists who treat patients in Manhattan with the added benefit of being in their own neighborhood.

Access to the Best Cardiac Care

Our emergency medicine physicians, nurses and support staff are trained to deal with acute cardiac problems that commonly affect our community such as heart attacks, stroke, arrhythmias and congestive heart failure. Cardiologists are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week for patients who require immediate intervention.

Both campuses follow a systematic protocol when patients present with cardiac symptoms in the emergency room. Every patient receives the same battery of blood tests, echocardiograms (EKG), stress tests and imaging procedures. This ensures that patients are diagnosed correctly and eliminates the need for referrals upon discharge.

Transfer to Manhattan

With access to high-tech imaging and exceptional cardiologists, the majority of our cardiac patients can be treated in Queens. However, because of our unique relationship with Mount Sinai Heart in Manhattan, patients who require transfer experience seamless transport to our sister campus. Our Queens physicians, nurses and transport staff are in constant communication with our Manhattan staff. Patient records including charts, laboratory work and imaging studies are transmitted through a secure electronic system.

We follow protocols for emergency cardiac care for patients who present with myocardial infarction in our Queens emergency room. We are presently collaborating with the American Heart Association and the FDNY EMS division to decrease transportation time in order to treat patients at our state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory in Manhattan. The Catheterization Laboratory, which is one of the best and busiest in the nation, has the highest safety rating among institutions in New York State that perform percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI), also known as angioplasty.

Patients who require invasive surgical procedures are referred to our renowned cardiothoracic surgeons at Mount Sinai Heart in Manhattan. Pediatric patients who are diagnosed with heart conditions or require specialized surgeries also have access to leading pediatric cardiologists in Manhattan.

Treating our Diverse Community

At Mount Sinai Queens, we are sensitive to the needs of our multicultural community. Our cardiologists come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and speak several languages including Greek, Italian and Spanish. Interpreters are also available upon request. We are actively involved in the community, providing educational outreach programs and heart disease screenings for our neighbors.

Our group of cardiologists is available for follow-up and outpatient consultations at their offices in Queens.