Exceptional Care

If you're searching for the very best breast care - including mammography -- with all the breakthrough technology science can offer, you need look no further than right here in our community at Mount Sinai Queens.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 212,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year. However, thanks in large part to early and improved detection and treatment, breast cancer death rates are going down.

Additionally, benign breast conditions are very common, and while never life threatening, they can sometimes cause symptoms that require relief. Certain benign breast conditions have also been linked with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, suggesting closer cancer-screening surveillance of such women.

To answer our neighbors' pressing need for exceptional breast care, we have built a premiere program that takes care of you at every step.

Our Approach

Early detection is essential in offering the best odds for women to recover from breast cancer. All patients are followed carefully in our comprehensive early detection program. Our program has three core approaches:

  1. Recommendations depending on age, medical and family history, for standard breast cancer screenings like annual mammograms after age 40, and monthly self-breast checks and an annual doctor's breast exam for all adult women.
  2. Individually tailored screening recommendations for women who have very dense breasts that require other screenings beyond mammography. For instance, additional and/or more frequent screenings may be recommended.
  3. Individually tailored screening recommendations for women who baseline mammograms or history suggest a higher risk of breast cancer. For instance, additional and/or more frequent screenings and other procedures may be recommended.

Our Technology

Mount Sinai Queens has technology-driven imaging capability that helps our experts diagnose breast disease in the earliest stages.We offer:

  • Digital mammography (Fall 2007) in our newly built modern Mammography Suite located on the second floor of the Hospital's west wing. Mammograms are the single most effective way to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages. All women in their 40s and beyond, earlier for those with a family history of breast cancer, should be receiving regular mammograms.
  • Breast ultrasound, which can provide another effective way to detect early breast cancer.
  • A wide range of biopsy techniques, including sonar-guided minimally invasive biopsy, excisional biopsy, incisional biopsy, sonar-guided core biopsy, sonar-guided aspiration biopsy, and mammotome biopsy, which involves using a needle instead of a cut.
  • The ability to seamlessly send patients to Mount Sinai Manhattan for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided, minimally invasive breast biopsy.
  • Genetic counseling available to detect certain genetic markers for breast cancer in women who have a medical or family history of breast cancer.


If breast cancer is diagnosed, our specialists have a number of treatment options (many that can be used in combinations) available to them - and to you-including:

  • Medical management, including chemotherapy treatments in our Outpatient Chemotherapy Infusion Unit located at the Senior Health Center. Medical management also includes oral therapies that may be used as follow-up to other therapies.
  • All radiation oncology treatment modalities, in association with the Advanced Radiation Oncology Services (AROS) of Queens.
  • Surgical oncology, including lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, mastectomy, and traditional mastectomies.
  • The most advanced procedures for breast construction after partial mastectomy or traditional mastectomy, including skin-sparing surgical techniques, onco-plastic reconstruction, immediate reconstruction during the surgery, and a specialized procedure called free TRAM flap that is done to achieve best cosmetic results with minimal functional compromise.

Additionally, our breast care team has the know-how to treat benign breast disease, including breast pain and fibroids. Many of these women, who are deemed at high-risk for developing breast cancer because of their present conditions, are followed in our comprehensive early detection program to manage that risk.

Prevention and Community Outreach

Fighting breast disease does not happen only within the walls of our Hospital. In addition to the education and diagnostic screenings that go on between individual patients and our doctors and nurses, our staff works to reach the community through preventive programs such as those on nutrition, weight management and smoking cessation (important breast-friendly lifestyle steps), and informative lectures.

Additionally, the Hospital collaborates with various organizations in order to develop a community-based network of care, education and support. The Queens Breast Health Partnership Program is part of the New York State Healthy Women Partnership. The program facilitates breast and cervical cancer prevention and early diagnosis for women who are 40 years and over or who are at risk and who are underinsured with limited income or uninsured. The program provides an annual comprehensive clinical breast examination, breast health education, mammogram, other necessary diagnostic services and a pap/pelvic examination at no cost. The monthly screenings are conducted at our Senior Health Center by a surgical oncologist and an adult nurse practitioner. A nurse and a team of community volunteers from SHAREing and CAREing (community-based support groups for women living with breast cancer) provide health education and outreach services.

Exceptional Professionals

Our elite team of board-certified medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gynecologists, general surgeons, nurses and technologists work collaboratively for the health of your breasts and with a focus on your unique history. Furthermore, we offer a roster of first-rate general physicians who provide routine care in easy collaboration with our specialists.

Our exceptional breast care is enriched by the world-renown expertise and resources of one of the premiere medical centers in the country, the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.



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