Inpatient services — care that is delivered to patients admitted to the Hospital — is the core of any hospital's medical care. We believe in patient-centered care, which means you are the center of all of our efforts. Our skilled team of doctors, nurses, technicians and other healthcare professionals is committed to providing you with the best medical care and to making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Important Phone Numbers

From inside the hospital, dial the last four digits (this rule does not apply to those numbers noted with an asterisk).

Admitting: 718-267-4211
Advance Directives: 718-267-4310
Chaplain: 718-267-4276
Doctor Referral Service: 800-YOUR-MDS*
Food and Nutrition: 718-267-4281
Home Health Agency: 718-267-4366
Housekeeping: 718-879-1627
Medical Records: 718-267-4237
Nursing Office: 718-267-4276
Patient Financial Services: 718-267-4312
Patient Representative: 718-267-4310
Social Services: 718-267-4273
Television Service: 718-267-6262*

Patient Services

The Patient Representative is your advocate during your hospitalization. The Patient Representative can also give you information about the New York State Health Care Proxy and your rights as a patient. Please call the Patient Representative with any questions or concerns you may have at 718-267-4310.

A Clinical Nurse Manager is assigned to each floor. He or she ensures that the floor runs safely and efficiently.  Feel free to speak to the nurse manager to discuss any issues that may arise.

House physicians and physician assistants are on the patient floors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They monitor your condition and work with your attending physician to implement your course of treatment. If you do not have a private physician, one will be assigned to you during your stay.

The Social Services Department provides professional guidance to you and your family during hospitalization and can assist you with a wide range of counseling and placement services.  Social Services also works with you, your family and your healthcare team to prepare you for discharge, a process that begins from the moment you are admitted. If you have questions, call 718-267-4273.

Meals are prepared and delivered under the watchful eye of the Food and Nutrition Department, who are here to meet your nutritional needs. Your physician has prescribed a diet to aid in your recovery. Our staff of professional dieticians is available to provide nutritional support concerning all prescribed diets. They are happy to answer any questions you may have about your diet. Kosher and vegetarian meals are available upon request by calling 718-267-4281 or 718-267-4282.

Pain relief is a priority at our Hospital. The nurses caring for you will assist you with strategies to reduce your pain and discomfort. It is important that you discuss any changes in the level of your pain with your nurse or your doctor. A pain management service is available upon request through your attending physician.

Telephone and television services are offered through Mount Sinai Queens and TeleHealth Service, which gives you an instant and easy method for the rental of your bedside television and telephone services. Combined telephone and television service is $10 a day; television only is $5.75 day; and telephone only is $4.75 a day. The television rental includes a variety of DirecTV and local channels. To activate your television or telephone, dial x4000 and follow the instructions to activate service. Charges for this service can be placed on your home telephone bill or credit card. Once you have activated your service, you can call the rental system back at x4000 and stop service at any time, or the service will automatically be cancelled at discharge. There will be a one-time activation fee of $5.00 to place the charges on your home phone bill. There is no activation fee if charged to a credit card.

Housekeeping can be reached directly if services are needed in your room. For prompt response to housekeeping and linen issues, please call x5000 from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.; other times, please contact your nurse.

Pastoral care and chaplains from many religions are available to visit patients. Please ask your nurse for assistance or call 718-267-4276.

Mail and flowers are delivered to patients daily by our Volunteers. If you want to ensure speedy delivery of cards and letters to your bedside, include your room number with the mailing address.

A library cart is available for your use. Please call the Patient Representative from Monday through Friday at 718-267-4310.

Private duty nursing can be arranged through the Nursing Department by calling 718-267-4276, or by visiting the Nursing Supervisors' Office in the Hospital's Annex, 2nd Floor (take the Hospital elevator to the 3rd floor and go across to the Annex).

The Visiting Nurse Service can provide and coordinate home health care such as nursing and rehabilitation visits, and medical, social work and personal care services. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and other insurers cover many home health care services. Many other organizations also provide high quality home health care services - a complete list is available from your social worker. Your physician, nurse or social worker can help you arrange home health care services. You may also contact the Visiting Nurse Service directly at 718-267-4366.


For Visitors

Visiting hours are 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Special arrangements for extended visiting can be made by talking with the nursing staff. In consideration of other patients, only two visitors are permitted at your bedside at one time. Children under 12 may visit with permission from the nurse.

The Endoscopy and Surgical Family Waiting Room is located on the fifth floor and is available to family and friends of hospitalized surgical patients. Visitors may sit in this special area while they wait to be contacted by surgeons and other medical staff.


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